If you are a product manager for an API, you most certainly would be called upon to do a demo of your API.

A basic principle of any good “demo” is be prepared to speak such that the least informed audience in the room is able to fully grasp what you are trying to say. …

API Non-functional Requirements

In the context of API products functional requirements articulate how would an API respond given a particular request, whereas a non-functional requirement defines how soon would it response (latency), how many requests one can send at a time (scalability) et.al.

Classically speaking, a functional requirement is what a system is supposed to do and non-functional requirements define how a system is supposed to be

It is not uncommon to find as it was in the early days of the web when product managers did the upmost due diligence on defining user stories that articulate the functional requirements to death but…

Reboot APIs 2021

Tomorrow marks the start of the first working day for many. Part of me reminisces to walk into a physical office and wish everyone a Happy New Year and reconnect over coffee with friends and colleagues after a well deserved break. For most us still at home, it probably is going to be nothing more than just opening up the laptop and logging on.

The beginning of the year for me has always been times where I feel that I have room to think broadly and holistically. …

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the next generation APIs (v2/checkout/orders) and Payments (v2/payments). These are the foundation for enabling PayPal Checkout using Smart Payment Buttons and underpin an innovative new payment experience we are rolling out worldwide in the coming months.

This release does not impact the PayPal merchants, developers and partners currently integrated with PayPal Checkout. We will, of course, continue to support all current integrations and make priority bug fixes but the current REST API v1/payments will henceforth be marked as deprecated and new integrations are discouraged.

Why v2?

The new v2 APIs do the heavy…

Rahul Dighe

Loves building products. Presently > Checkout API Product @ PayPal

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